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The Better Way to Lease or Purchase Your New Car with the Best Car Lease Deals in San Diego

25 years of professional support

At Auto Save Group, we as the premium auto broker will assist you in the car-buying process by eliminating the painful process of negotiation. Because of our expanded dealer relationships and volume of business across southern California, we are able to get you the best price possible while managing the entire process on your behalf.  You will get the best possible purchase or car lease, which means that you do not need to waste time visiting or calling multiple dealerships to get what you think is the best price.


We manage this entire process for you and even have your new vehicle and paperwork delivered to your Home or office so you literally never have to step foot in a dealership ever again. Through this convenient process, we eliminate the games, tricks and any last-minute surprises that the dealerships are well-known for.

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Direct Communication

We are always at your fingertips. Contact us 7 days a week 365 days a year and one of our customer care reps will be happy to assist you.

Best response time

No margins for errors, our relationships are based around transparency to ensure you get the best service in town. Guaranteed!

Best Prices in Town

We will match or beat our competitors pricing anytime of the day. In fact, our competitors have a hard time keeping up.

It’s About The  Experience

All you have to do is let us know what vehicle you’re in the market for. We will shop around and get you the best price. You sign the documents and will have the vehicle delivered to you in no time.

Buying a new car


We’ll find the car of your choice, in the right color, with all the features you want for the right price due to our relationships and our volume of business. We will also help you make sense of your lease, financing or trade-in options.


We take care of all the paperwork and arrange for delivery so that you never have to set foot in a dealership. All you have to do is sign off and you’re all set.


What makes our process simplistic is that we will drive the car to your home or office.